How to Create Epic Landscapes With DEM Earth

Winbush shows how yo use real-world map data with DEM Earth for Cinema 4D.

There are several ways to create landscapes in Cinema 4D. Many of them are pure fantasy, but some allow you to get pretty accurate. DEM Earth for Cinema 4D lets you use real-world data to get authentic 3D landscapes based on real-life locations. Check out this new tutorial from Jonathan Winbush that amalgamates both the fantastical and the realistic.

“I show you how to create and Epic mountain range landscape using real-world map data with Dem Earth,” Winbush says about the tutorial. You’ll also see how to spice up the model by using the World Creator app. “Next, we bring it into Quixel Mixer to texture, and finally, we render out with Redshift and Cinema 4D.”