Physics Now v2 Gets Updates and Better Performance in Ae

Jakob Wagner adds new features to Physics Now v2, including Joints and massive performance improvements in After Effects.

A while back, Crunchy Creatives’ After Effects physics and dynamics plugin made a big splash within the motion graphics community. Physics Now! offered a fantastic workflow for creating 2D physics simulations in Ae. Recently what was a fast workflow just got that much better with the release of Physics Now v2.

The new upgrade is free for existing owners of version 1 and brings a lot of new features and improvements to the plugin. Most notably, it has a significant performance improvement. “I have been going through practically every single line of code to make it as fast as possible. And it paid off,” Wagner says.

“What’s great is that when optimizing finished, Adobe released AE2020, which also has massive performance improvements. So, combine Physics Now! v2 with AE2020 and performance is just incredible.” Wagner continues.

What’s new in Physics Now v2

Another significant addition to the simulation plugin is the additions of joints. Now users can connect layers using joints that inherently have four types of functionality.

  • Joints – You can now connect layers with one of the four joint types. Or combine them for complex setups.
  • Debug Layer – A special layer that will show you the exact cages that are generated from your layers before simulation. A great way to get an overview of your simulation. It is also instrumental when working with the new joints system.
  • Randomize – Some physics properties can now be randomized. Properties like Bounce, friction, or initial forces can now be randomized to create simulations with more realism easily.
  • Text Break options – You now have the opportunity to break text to words or lines as well as characters. You can also automatically connect all the characters with joints for easy text chains.
  • + More.

With this release, Physics Now takes a big step ahead and goes from an essential plugin to something more advanced, but it is still effortless to use.

New users can save 25% until December 6th with this code “CYBER2019”. Get Physics Now v2 here.