Learn How to Rig a Cartoon Car With Kasper Larsson

Kasper Larsson launches a new cartoon car rigging course focusing on deformation techniques.

Rigging is one thing in 3D that seems similar to the dark arts. Rigging for a cartoon style character or prop is something on another level on top of that. Cartoon style rigs need to deform and bend in ways that realistic rigs may not. Even then, the number of poses a platform like that needs to hit from scene to scene could very well change drastically. So how do you know how to approach it all?

“How in the world do you remember how to do all these steps??!” people usually posit to Kasper Larsson.

The truth is, I don’t. With this approach, you become a living calculator. Like math, you do not remember the result of all algorithms, but you remember how to use the calculator. It is your approach that makes you able to get the right result every time. That is the essence of what you learn in this course.

It is a beginner to the intermediate course so everyone can follow along. You will take baby steps and, in the end, leap forward in understanding advanced concepts such as deformation stacks, mixed methods, mechanics vs. deformation.

This course gathers all the information you can find online over the next two years into one concentrated class. Stop wasting your time being confused about small, simple things and get the ground pillars under control.

Check out Kasper Larsson’s Cartoon Car Rigging Course here.

Larsson also has a valuable animation producer class, and another that shows off a procedural pipeline workflow with Maya and Redshift.