Boolean Slicing and Fracturing Sims in Houdini

Bubble Pins covers boolean concepts in Houdini using them to create fracturing sims.

This new two-part tutorial from Bubble Pins covers boolean concepts in Side FX Houdini. It then expands the ideas into a practical application like fracturing sims.

Boolean Concepts in Houdini.

Part one looks into the main concepts for working with boolean operations and details how the node creates new geometry. Then it’s on to boolean slicing and fracturing geometry and cleaning up the topology.

“Boolean concepts are about geometry relations and how Houdini’s Boolean Node is smart enough to create new geometry to make watertight models,” Bubble Pins mentions.

Boolean Fracturing Sims Setup.

Once you understand how it all works, the tutorial goes on to cover using the Boolean node to your workflow for simulations and procedural modeling. “In this video, I demonstrate how to port the boolean fractured geometry into a DOPnet simulation,” Bubble Pins says. Near the end of this video, you’ll see how Booleans come to create a 3D model of a PC Monitor.