How to Add Cloth Details With Blender’s Cloth Brush

Lech Sokołowski shows off how to quickly get wrinkles and other cloth details using Blender’s Cloth Brush.

By now, you’ve likely seen those teasers showing off Blender’s amazing cloth brush. The brush uses a simple physics solver for cloth dynamics to create wrinkles and folds in meshes. 

Getting Cloth Details, Wrinkles, and Folds.

Check out this tutorial that shows how to get sculpted wrinkles and folds with the cloth brush quickly, from Chocofur’s Lech Sokołowski. The tutorial shows how you can get more realistic ticking on bedding by adding cloth details with the brush.

Sculpt Cloth Brush.

While other applications work with cloth solvers to help with things in a 3D workflow from UV’s to draping, the cloth brush is a bit of an outlier in Blender. Developed by Pablo Dobarro, the brush physics solver that helps when sculpting cloth as an alternative to creating that style by hand. The brush’s mass and damping attributes affect the simulation properties of the brush. You can work ins four different deformation modes that control the type of forces.

About Lech Sokołowski. founder and youtube channel host, Lech explored the world of 3D graphics. During his degree in architecture, he studied an open-source software called Blender and its vast potential. He fell in love with 3D, and after years spent in various creative companies (from film studios to design agencies), he decided to prove that 3D is for everyone!