How to Make a Train Travel on a Spline in C4D

Aleksey Voznesenski shows how you can get a train to travel one a spline in Cinema 4D with some helpful tips.

One of the things that Cinema 4D makes simple is animating objects along a spline. The process can get a little more complicated, though, depending on the type of animation. For instance, animating the panels of a garage door, or a train that travels on a spline.

What’s Wrong With the Default Spline?

While the task seems not too difficult, if you’ve tried to create this animation, you’ve likely run into some issues. One of the things that is clear, the rail cars will not inherently keep the proper distance while taking corners.

Check out this latest tutorial from Ace5 Studio’s Aleksey Voznesenski, who identifies the problem and shows the proper way to set this up in Cinema 4D. “I will show you how to get a carriage to follow a spline realistically In cinema 4D. I will explain what is wrong with the default spline and how to fix it.”

About Aleksey Voznesenski.

Aleksey says that he has an obsession with making things look pretty and work correctly. Born in Russia, raised in Australia, living around Eastern Europe, Aleksey is a ten year veteran in Cinema 4D. Check out Aleksey Voznesenski at Ace5 Studios.