How to Create a More Flexible Auto-Spin Expression in Maya

Mateusz Matejczyk shows how to create an auto-spin expression in Maya that works better when you change attributes over time.

Likely one of the first expressions people learn in Maya is to create an auto-spin. It’s a simple one too, where you multiply a frame value by a speed attribute such as rotateY = frame * speed. The problem we run into is that if we want to key a change to the rate of the auto-rotate attribute, it doesn’t work as expected.

Need to Key the Speed?

That is the topic of Mateusz Matejczyk’s latest tutorial – how to create a more flexible auto-rotate expression. Mateusz shows how you can create an expression that works as expected when you key the speed of the spin. 

About the Mateusz Matejczyk, the Tutorial Author

Mateusz Matejczyk is a Senior Character TD / R&D for Platige Image.

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