Check Out These Fun Horse and Elephant Puppets for Ae

Creation Effects’ beast series has some impressive horse and elephant puppet templates for After Effects.

Two new After EFfects templates from Creation Effects lets users populate scenes with Elephants and Horses. The AE templates allow you to create custom elephant and horse animations around a super-flexible 2D puppet.

Both of the 2D puppets offer around four or five variations of the animal. As an example, the Elephant template has adult and baby Asian and African elephants. You can animate one elephant, or create an entire herd, and insert it into your motion graphics or 3D scenes.

Complete Animal Rigs in Ae.

With the easy-to-use controls, you can “program” your 2D Puppets to do almost anything (while keeping a profile-view). You can assign a “primary action” such as stand, walk, or run, and combine with a variety of “secondary actions,” such as automatic animations. With Elephants, it’s a trunk, ear, and tail movements. For more control, you can manually animate the head, trunk, feet, mouth, ears, tail, eyes, breathing, and more.