How to Create a Wire Growth System in Houdini

Tim j Design shows how to build a wire growth system in Houdini and render it with Octane.

As weird as it may sound, it seems like you can’t even be a motion designer these days without having created some kind of growth effect. While there are many ways to approach that animation style in various applications, none make it both flexible and straightforward, as Side FX Houdini does.

Check out this new tutorial from Tim J Design that shows how you can create a wire growth system in Houdini.

Knitting, Growing, and Wire growth.

Some of the principles on growth effects in 3D are consistent across tutorials. While some show how you can weave and knit fabrics through animation, others show how you can propagate anything over time.

About Tim j Design.

Tim J is a Motion Designer (Animation Design B.A.) and designer studying animation design. Tim specializes in abstract animations and gets inspired by nature and photography.