How to Animate a Folding a Paper Plane in C4D

Zubair Parkar shows how you can animate a folding paper airplane in Cinema 4D.

Folding, growing and generating. Pretty much the backbone of a lot of motion graphics tasks in Cinema. While there are a lot of tools out there that can help grow and fold, you can create something similar on your own. Check out this tutorial from Zubair Parkar that shows how you can animate a folding paper plane using some simple techniques in Cinema 4D.

Folding Things.

A little while ago, a tutorial from Junichiro Horikawa showed how you could fold Vellum using a curve in Side FX Houdini. While Parkar’s example has some similar concepts, it is a technique that is a lot simpler in C4D. There are many ways to fold things in C4D from using splines and L-systems to preset folding generators.

Zubair Parkar is a C4D Generalist, Motion Graphics Artist.