AeGuys Offer Free After Effects Templates for Creators

Recently Launched AeGuys offers free After Effects templates for video creators.

While there is nothing wrong with trying to make a dollar, it’s nice to see people sharing. Maybe you feel like the motion graphics community is a few people working while everyone else has something to sell back to the community. Sometimes I think that way too. That’s why when something comes across my desk that’s free for Adobe After Effects users, I post it.

AeGuys is a new site that offers free After Effects templates for video creators, for any project. How refreshing is that? The AeGuys Avi & Jakub say, “we don’t do ads, and don’t have any paid stuff – just sharing our works with the world completely free.” “We wish we had access to something like this when we were starting our careers in the video space.”

“We are trying to spread the word about what we do, and it would be super huge if we could get any shoutout from you guys.” -Done!

Check out for free After Effects templates here.