Create Amazing Artwork With Just Spheres and X-Particles

Markus Gonser shows how you can make artwork using only spheres and X-Particles (plus Octane) in C4D.

“Lots of 3D-Artists start with shiny spheres,” Gosner writes. For the most part, that is true. If you want to play with shiny spheres like a pro, check out this latest tutorial from Markus Gonser that uses Octane, spheres, and X-Particles to create stunning abstract artwork.

Play with Spheres like a Pro.

“I’m sure I made dozens of sphere renderings and showed them with a huge feeling of pride to my mom,” Gosner admits. “We evolve, and so do sphere renderings.” 

Don’t hesitate, enter the realm of more polished spheres like ever before and master the secret techniques that will earn you the title “Sphere-Pro”.


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