How to Create Massive Explosions With X-Particles

Markus Gonser uses X-Particles’ Explosia FX tool to create massive explosions.

X-Particles is the go-to tool for particles and now fire, smoke, and fluid effects too. Xplosia FX is a powerful simulation tool within X-Particles that handles simulations, advection, and more. Have a look at this new tutorial from Markus Gonser how shows us how to create massive explosions in Cinema 4D using X-Particles and Explosia FX.

Massive Explosions, Realistically.

When working with simulation effects such as fluids and explosions, the secret is in the scale and the details. In his latest tutorial, Marcus talks about working with X-Particles (Build 732) and the Explosia FX tool in a fast and straightforward way. While Explosia FX has a lot of settings, it is quite simple to use.


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