How to Use 4 Poses for the Perfect Overlap Animation

Animator Chris Goodall shows how you can make an overlap animation for a tail (or other) using 4 poses.

Flags, tails, belts, ropes: These are things that are challenging animation exercises. Or are they? Check out this quick-tip tutorial from Animator Chris Goodall who shows us how to make an overlap animation using 4 poses.

4 Pose Technique.

While some rig setups can help with secondary animation, Goodall has a super-simple approach animating overlap/follow through on things like tails and garments. It comes down to two “c” shapes, and two “s” shapes. This quick tip comes as an excerpt from Goodall’s live Twitch stream.

About Chris Goodall.

Chris is passionate about pushing the boundaries of interactive animation by seeking better ways of creating unique and memorable characters. Goodall is the Principle Animator at Playground Games, an instructor at iAnimate, and is live on Twitch Tuesday’s 8 pm (UK).