How to Create Crossing Lights With Xpresso

Julian Field shows how you can make rail crossing lights using Xpresso in C4D and its FlipFlop node.

The Xpresso Mechanic Julian Field shows how you can create a flashing lights setup using Xpresso in Cinema 4D, much like the lights you see at a rail crossing.

FlipFlop Xpresso Crossing Lights.

The tutorial makes use of the Xpresso FlipFlop node, which Julian uses to make the signal lights alternate. “We will also enhance the setup, to include switching both lights off, at the start of the animation and adding some flashing text that will warn of an approaching train,” Julian mentions about the rest of the tutorial.

More on Xpresso-Driven Signals.

When it comes to signals and traffic lights, Julian is no stranger. A previous tutorial shows how you can create working traffic lights (the UK variety) with an Xpresso set up in Cinema 4D. He goes on to create a switching setup, that allows the traffic lights to convert to a train signaling system.