An Overview of the Mantra Render Settings for Houdini

BubblePins offers some Mantra render setting insights covering parameters and how to use them.

There is no shortage of 3D render choices for artists. It’s always good to remember that host software always comes with a default or standard render engine. With SideFX Houdini, that engine is Mantra.

Mantra: Standard and Amazing.

This new tutorial series from BubblePins covers many of the settings and parameters in the Mantra render engine and how to use them to get the best-looking renders. “Mantra is a rendering engine built in Houdini, a sophisticated and powerful rendering engine. Don’t worry; in this video, I’ll break down Mantra explaining fundamental concepts and start to describe a few parameters that will enhance your ability to push your renders using Mantra.”

The video covers the parameters in the Sampling tab of Mantra and explains the Min & Max Ray samples. Noise Level, Global Quality, and Diffuse Quality parameters are all discussed. BubblePins also shows how to turn up the Diffuse lighting in Mantra and generate more soft light in the renders.