Creating a ‘Cup and Ball’ Effector With Python

Julian Field shows how you can make a ‘cup and ball’ effector in C4D using Python.

Over the last little while, the Expresso Mechanic, Julian Field, is covering creating custom effectors for Cinema 4D using Python. That’s a bit of a break from his usual Xpresso tutorials than now show the benefits of using Python for scri[ting in Cinema 4D.

The ‘Cup and Ball’ Effector.

Julian calls this effector a cup and ball one. In the setup, a platonic solid becomes the ball that drops into a container. The container becomes triggered to throw the ball back into the air, at which point the ball will find it’s way to another cup. Then the process will repeat.

About Julian Field.

Julian Field, AKA Expresso Mechanic (3D artist/animator) and The Unknown (singer/songwriter/producer) is an independent creative spirit, based in Kent, UK. Teaches Logic Pro and Cinema 4D (Xpresso), via Skype and also offers one-to-one tuition, in your own home, if you are in the Kent area of the UK.