How to Create a Content Browser Loading Script for C4D

Billy Chitkin shows how you can use Python to create a script that loads objects

If you have a Cinema 4D setup that you use frequently, you can load it faster by scripting the content browser. Many production tools will allow you to script a lot of the processes. While some have an embedded language, most will use the industry-standard of Python as a tool for users to create workflow scripts. You don’t have to know a lot about scripting languages to use them, as often shown in Billy Chitkin’s tutorials. His latest shows how you can script the content browser to load content into Cinema 4D quickly.

“This tutorial goes over the process for creating and saving assets to your Cinema 4D Content Browser, and then the necessary Python Scripting to load the Content Browser assets,” Chitkin says. “Once set up, these Content Browser assets can be assigned a shortcut hotkey or docked to your interface for even faster access in the future.” Get the code used in the tutorial here.