How Joint Scaling Can Affect Dual Quaternion Skinning in Maya

Stephen Mann has a quick look at how single-axis joint scaling can affect Dual Quaternion Skin Weights in Maya.

Dual quaternion skinning is quite helpful for some rigging tasks. That’s because it’s excellent at holding the volume of objects when they are moving, epically when they are twisting. Linear-smooth skinning will show a mesh collapse or shrink when a bone twists, while dual quaternion skinning helps to preserve volume in the mesh, creating better deformations.

Dual Quaternion and Single Axis Scaling.

One of the things to watch out for when working with DQ skinning is that it doesn’t hold up so well when you scale joints along a single axis. Stephen Mann shows how single-axis scaling can affect DQskin weights in Maya in his latest Maya quick tip. Mann shows how you can get around the issue with a simple trick.