Check out Arvid’s Top 10 Maya Setup Tips

Arvid Schneider covers his tips and tricks for setting up Maya, including workspaces, prefs, and presets.

A new tutorial walks through how Arvid Schneider sets up Maya, offering 10 tips to setting up workspaces, standard AOVs, preferences, defaults, presets, and more. If you’ve wondered how Arvid sets up Maya for look-dev, fast renders, and workflow, this is it!

Arvid covers some of his workspace setups, default settings, import AOVs, shader defaults, color space rules, viewer settings, and how to run minimal plugins for a better experience.

About Arvid Schneider.

Arvid Schneider is a Senior Lighting TD And Look-Dev Artist at Industrial Light and Magic, with over eight years of commercial and visual effects experience. You can help to support Arvid in creating more tutorials like this one by becoming a Patron.