How to Create Dimensionally Accurate Models in Blender

Chipp Walters shows how you can build dimensionally accurate models using Blender 2.90.

With Sketchup moving to an all subscription licensing scheme, there will undoubtedly be a lot of people looking to move over to something like Blender. While Blender is a logical choice, Sketchup users might not instantly discover how to create dimensionally accurate models, which comes naturally in Sketchup.

Accurate Models in Blender.

In his latest tutorial, Chipp Walters shows Sketchup folks and others how to create dimensionally accurate models using Blender 2.90 and push-pull features.

About Chipp Walters.

Chipp Walters is an Industrial Designer who has created concept designs for Apple, Sony, NASA, and the HYPERLOOP. Recently, Chipp led a team to create an award-winning historical Augmented Reality product based on the Alamo for museums and education.