How to Prepare Image Textures With Blender Compositor

Christoph Werner shows that you can get your image textures ready right in Blender using Blender Compositor.

We all know the amount of prep that has to happen when creating image textures. From making color adjustments to modifying alpha channels, a lot of the work gets relegated to applications like Photoshop, Gimp, or Krita. A new tutorial from Christoph Werner shows how you can do all your texture work in Blender with Blender compositor.

Blender Compositor, Blender’s Hidden Treasure.

Christoph shows how to create a leaf texture, using an image that was taken by a smartphone. Instead of using other applications, Christoph shows how you can do all your texture preparations using Blender Compositor. The tutorial covers how to do all the work with just a few nodes and some clicks. Besides creating the texture, you’ll get some insights into the compositor, Blender’s hidden treasure!

About Christoph Werner.

Christoph Werner is a freelance Art Director and CG Artist, located in Germany. Along with his freelance work, Werner makes tutorials and offers digital products for CG software like Blender. Werner is one of the official tutors for the 3D-Coat. He was the first one who translated 3D-Coat into german.