How to Create a Procedural Snow Shader With V-Ray

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez shows how to build a snow shader in V-Ray using Bercon Noise and VRay Distance.

A new tutorial from Carlos Alvarez Velazquez dives deep into using V-Ray to create a procedural snow shader, using a lot of V-Ray’s unique nodes. “We will procedurally model a snowball using VRay Displacement with VRay BerconNoise VRay UserScalar and ColorComposite nodes.”

Snow Using Bercon Noise, SSS, and Vray Distance.

The tutorial covers creating a procedural snow shader starting with V-Ray’s Bercon Noise. Bercon Noise is a procedural noise texture that offers a lot of control in both the noise and fractal type. Also shown is an excellent use for the Vray Distance Tex node. “I will show the potential of the VRay Distance Tex that our interactive material will make, and I will use it to achieve the effect of melted snow in contact with other objects. VRay for Maya.”

About Carlos Alvarez Velazquez.

Carlos is a Technical Architect, Designer, CGI Artist, Modeler, Renderer with Autodesk Maya, and VRay.