How to Swish Liquid in a Glass Using Wave Warp

Oliver Randorff shows how you can swish liquid in a glass using a wave warp effect in Ae.

Animating liquids look like an intensive bit of animation. While some use physics or dynamics to play out a guide, you can effectively “cheat” how fluid moves pretty easily in After Effects. A new tutorial from Oliver Randorff shows a simple way to create a great-looking swish effect in a wine glass, and it uses Wave Warp and a mask.

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Previous techniques saw Danny Perry use the wave warp effect to animate a champagne glass tink. Also, Owen Chikazawa showed a simple way to animate liquid in a glass with After Effects.

About Oliver Randorff.

Randorff is a motion designer based in Denmark, specializing in animation with eight years of experience in the field. Driven by great animation and carefully adjusted keyframes, Oliver strives for beautiful motion and even better stories.