How to Create a Crumbling Character Using Maya’s MPM Solver

JMM71 shows how he created a crumbling character animation using Maya’s Bifrost and its MPM Solver.

You may have seen JMM71’s animation of a 3D character running, stumbling, and then crumbling into pieces. You can discover his process for working with Maya’s stock rigged characters, mocap animation, and Bifrost’s MPM Solver by watching these two vids.

JMM71 shows off his workflow and the setup for the MPM solver using the Bifrost graph in Maya. He also shows how to set up an Alembic cache for the animated character to import into Bifrost.

Maya’s MPM Solver uses a Material Point Method algorithm that efficiently simulates the physical behaviors of solids, liquids, and gasses. 

[via Christoph Schädl]