Tidy Up C4D’s Graph Views With These Free Scripts

Tidy Up C4D's Graph Views With These Free Scripts

Arttu Rautio’s Node Tools for C4D helps to clean up Xpresso and Redshift Graphs.

One of the troubles with node-based work is that it can get out of hand quickly. While some applications will have tools that can help you clean up your work area, some apps don’t. If you work with Cinema 4D’s graph views, you should check out this set of free scripts from Aturtur.

Node Tools for C4D.

Arttu Rautio, a Finland based digital artist and an award-winning post-production supervisor, created Node Tools. “These are some useful workflow scripts for Cinema 4D’s graph view. Scripts are for Maxon Cinema 4D R21.026, and they work with Xpresso and Redshift node graph (except specific ones).” Lots of the scripts in the pack can help you align and tidy up your graph views.

Check out Node Tools for Cinema 4D here.