A Walkthrough of How to Create a Refractive Portrait With Arnold

Andrew Krivulya shows us how to create Lee Grigg’s painterly, ghostly refractive portrait using a camera projection shader in Arnold.

Arnold renderer has many great tutorials built right into the documentation, thanks to Autodesk’s In-house artist Lee Griggs. One stunning effect is a refractive portrait that offers a way to get a ghostly, abstract painterly effect using Arnold’s camera projection techniques. You can follow along with that kind of workflow through a new video tutorial that shows how to create the effect.

Andrew Krivulya walks through the workflow described in the Arnold documentation.

Creating a Camera Projection Shader in Arnold.

The technique uses the Standard Surface shader in combination with the Range and Camera Projection shader in Arnold. It’s important to note that Krivulya’s tutorial has English subtitles to follow along.

About Andrew Krivulya.

Andrew Krivulya is a Hair and Fur, Grooming and LookDev artist from Kyiv, Ukraine.