Free Preset Creates a Great Stop Motion Effect in Ae

The Waenderer shares an Ae preset that makes a great-looking stop motion animation effect.

A popular look of motion design is to create a fake stop motion effect. While there are a few ways to approach the look in After Effects, a new preset makes it super-easy, offers lots of controls, and looks amazing.

Fake Stop Motion is a free preset by Waenderer for Adobe After Effects that can replicate the look of stop motion animation or timelapse photography. It does this by allowing you to modify the exposure frame to frame, position, and rotation of the camera and even adds random dust too.

About The Waenderer 

The Waenderer is a weird motion designer. He worked for ten years in advertising and corporate. One day, he decided to leave it all behind. Now he wanders in an After Effects journey, making and sharing tools like presets, tutorials, plugins, and scripts.