Getting Started With 3D Camera Tracking in Nuke

Anthony Marigliano shows how to use Nuke’s camera tracker for a VFX shot.

Nuke pretty much as an all-encompassing toolset for VFX artists and compositors. That includes the ability to track shots both in 2D and 3D space. In this tutorial from Anthony Marigliano, you can get started with Nuke’s 3D camera tracking with a simple exercise in adding effects to an aerial shot. 

Tracking, Exporting to Maya, Adding FX.

The tutorial covers how to create 3D tracking data from a piece of aerial footage. The tracking data then move to Autodesk Maya to add some effects. Anthony also uses the real-time volumetric fluid simulation software, Embergen, to create a smoke plume. Finally, Redshift takes care of the final renders.

About Anthony Marigliano.

Anthony Marigliano is a VFX compositor and FX artist currently an associate instructor for the production block at the D.A.V.E. School in Orlando, Florida.