Get to Know Arnold’s aiRgb Ramp

Reimagine Fx dives into working with Arnold’s aiRGB Ramp covering the attributes.

Ramps are an essential part of graphics, and in 3D, ramps can control lots of things than just color. While Maya has its legacy Ramp node for shading, there is one for Arnold, too, the aiRGB Ramp.

aiRGB Ramp in Arnold.

The Arnold ramp is likely more compatible with Arnold Renderer, but it also provides some features not found in Maya’s default Ramp node. This new tutorial from Amar Shinde (Reimagine Fx) offers some insights into some of the attributes in Arnold’s Ramp node and how to work with it within simple shading networks.

Ramps for Procedural Work.

Color gradients and Ramps are a great way to keep things procedural. An excellent example of this is Arvid Schneider‘s tutorial, which shows how to create a realistic cardboard shader using noise, ramps and other nodes.