How to Animate Popping Corn With Random Expressions in Ae

Oliver Randorff shows how to use random expressions in Ae to animate popping corn.

A new tutorial from Oliver Randorff shows how you can use expressions in After Effects to help animate a popping corn animation. The tutorial covers using a mix of keyframes and expressions to complete the task.

Random Expressions in Ae.

Oliver shows how you can create and animate a single piece of popcorn and then duplicate it into a bucket full. The setup is one that will randomize the expression for every duplicate. Each copy will have a randomized color, rotation and time.

In a parallel relevant post, a little while ago, a new tutorial from Creative Dojo’s VinhSon Nguyen showed how you could get better randomization in After Effects expressions.

About Oliver Randorff.

Randorff is a motion designer based in Denmark, specializing in animation with eight years of experience. Driven by great animation and carefully adjusted keyframes, Oliver strives for beautiful motion and even better stories.