How to Create a Laser Scanline Effect With C4D Octane

Rhett Dashwood shows how to create a laser scanline effect using projections in Octane.

A new quick tip tutorial from Rhett Dashwood shows how to harness light projections in Cinema 4D and Octane to create a classic laser scanline effect.

The tutorial covers how to create the projections and some of the settings. It’s a super-simple technique with a great look in the render. 

Learn more about creating projections with C4D and Octane here.

About Rhett Dashwood.

Rhett Dashwood is an award-winning Creative Director with experience in a broad range of creative media, including digital, animation, branding, print, film making and concept art. Rhett has worked with the following studios and agencies during his 15+ years in the industry: Emery / Frost, TribalAKQAExit FilmsDDB, and many more.