AutoFill Automatically Grows Fills on Layers in Ae

AutoFill looks like it’s a real timesaver for motion artists.

I feel like motion designers must spend a lot of time drawing things on the frame in interesting ways. While Ae has a Write-On effect, that doesn’t mean that it’s a labor-free process. If you create any animated draw-on effect, you should look at automating the process with Plugin Everything’s new AutoFill.

AutoFill for After Effects, It’s Pretty Much Automatic.

The plugin is a simple, fast, and flexible plugin for After Effects that uses a layer’s transparency as a guide to figure out the direction to create a growing animation. Think of water flowing through your image, avoiding transparent areas as it runs along – That’s AutoFill.

Get AutoFill.

Save yourself masking and keyframing and visit the page for Autofill to learn more.