How to Create Trails and Splashes With Particle Playground in Ae

Plugin Play shows how to create trails and liquid-like blobs right in After Effects.

Partly forgotten, partly overlooked, After Effects has it’s own particle system that works quite well. Particle Playground has been around forever, and in this new tutorial from Plugin Play’s Danny Perry, you will learn how you can harness Particle Playground to create trails, splashes, and blobs.

Trails, Splashes, and other Effects.

The tutorial runs through a lot of techniques to create a series of effects. That includes working with expressions and layers to create a “liquid Rig” that is highly customizable. The rig can follow and moving objects in any composition.

“We combine effects such as Particle Playground, Fast Box Blur and Slider Controls to work cohesively in an adaptable rig. Results so fluid you might mistake them for hand drawn animation!”