How to Sync Keyframe Pro and Cinema 4D

Ignas Blazys shows how you can sync Keyframe Pro and C4D for annotations and playback.

An excellent playback and review tool is a great idea, now that a lot are working from home. While there are a few players for video and motion design pros, none come close to Chris Zurbrigg’s Keyframe Pro. It’s a review tool made for 3D artists and animators. With Keyframe Pro, you cannot only step and scrub through animations, but it also allows you to draw and markup right on the frames. If that wasn’t enough, you could sync playback with the timeline of your 3D app.

Sync Keyframe Pro and C4D.

Check out this quick tip tutorial from Ignas Blazys, who shows how you can use Zurbrigg’s review tool in a Cinema 4D workflow. Specifically, the video shows how you can sync the timeline and playback using AnimTools for Cinema 4D.