New FreqReact is the Most Powerful Way to React to Audio in Ae

FreqReact is a new and easy to use tool to create auto audio reactions in After Effects.

A new After Effects script from Davey Studio makes short work out of automatically animating properties to audio in After Effects. New FreqReact represents the most powerful, yet easy to use audio reaction tool for Ae. The script allows you to create an audio reaction with any property, and even in other plugins.

Some of the new features in v1.5 include a recent UI overhaul, some new reactors, a transfer mode, and a new advanced view.

React Any Property.

FreqReact lets you create audio reactions to position, scale, stroke thickness, or anything else in After Effects. As long a property has a stopwatch, it can react.

Fast Previews.

The script works with baked data in After Effects, which means you get fast previews that never bog the scene.

Forget Expressions.

The FreqReact script has eight modifiable reactors that can plug into any Ae property. You don’t need to understand any of the calculations that make them work. All you need to do is choose a property to affect and then hit “react.” It’s incredibly simple.

Get FreqReact for After Effects.

FreqReact is available at Element Supply Co. for After Effects versions CC+. One purchase allows you to get all future releases. Visit the page for FreqReact to learn more. Or download a demo to check out here