An Easy Way to Find the Perfect Texel Density

Paul H. Paulino shows how you can find the best UV resolution and texel density for your objects.

Once upon a time, calculating a Texel density for UV islands and shells used to be a much harder, if not complicated, task. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy in a lot of DCC’s. A new tutorial from Paul Paulino shows an easy workflow method for discovering the optimal texel density for your texture spaces using Autodesk Maya’s built-in tools.

Texel Density, UDIMs, and Resolution.

A few factors work together to discover proper density, which is likely why some folks never really get it. 

“Texel Density in VFX is a subject that still causes a lot of confusion.” Some common questions are: How can we make sure to have enough UV resolution on our assets? How many UDIMs do I need to keep my textures sharp and consistent? 

Paulino covers a technique that he uses to establish correct density quickly. You can have textures with a few steps with fair resolution without having a model with an unnecessary amount of UDIMs.