How to Build and Render Volumes With C4D and Redshift

Zak Kelley shows how you can use Redshift to render C4D volume builder creations.

A new tutorial from Zak Kelley runs through some of the basic concepts to set up fog volumes in Cinema 4D and render those out using Redshift. The tutorial also covers some example scenes and goes over animating the fog volume to get a range of effects.

Cinema 4D Volume Builder and Redshift.

C4D’s volume building tools are a great way to create models and volumes. Zak notes that there are some tricks to get them rendering as volumes with Redshift, and the result is this tutorial. A second tutorial covers how to use Cinema 4D’s built-in Volume Builder to turn soft body dynamics into a squishy Redshift foam material. 

About Zak Kelly.

Zak Kelley is a freelance motion designer and photographer working out of Los Angeles.