How to Use the Tooled Steel OSL Shader With Arnold

Lee Griggs shows how to set up a neat tooled steel OSL shader with Arnold.

OSL shaders are ubiquitous, meaning that you can use any OSL shader in any application that supports open shader language. While most Arnold methods are a simple copy/paste code, then compile, this one shader has a bit of a twist. Check out this new quick tip tutorial from Arnold rendering specialist Lee Griggs.

Griggs shows how you can set up the neat-looking tooled steel OSL shader from Ivan DeWolf in Maya using Arnold. Griggs shows that assigning the tooled steel shader is a bit different than working with other OSL shaders. Still reasonably straightforward, and a nice looking metal shader, too.

Open Shading Language.

Open Shading Language is a C-like language that lets you write custom materials, shaders, and textures. OSL originated with Sony Pictures Imageworks for use in its (at the time) Arnold Renderer, although many renderers will support OSL today.