Recreating the Cosmic Web in Houdini

Kate Xagoraris shows how you can replicate the stuff that holds the universe together inside of Houdini.

What the heck is a cosmic web? They are the filaments of dark matter that holds the universe together. Check out this tutorial series from Kate Xagoraris that shows how you can recreate the cosmic web inside of Side FX Houdini. The four-part tutorial incorporates both physics and visualization techniques on how to recreate it in the software. 

“In this tutorial, we will simulate a procedural version of it, go over theory, and talk about how to render it.” Xagoraris says. 

About Kate Xagoraris.

Kate Xagoraris is a visual effects artist at Mr X. In her spare time, she writes articles on exploring Houdini better and incorporating its tools with science. You can check out her work here.