How to Organize Your Maya Scene Using Python

Billy Dao shows how you can clean up the outliner by creating a short Python script.

Decogged has this new series on Youtube and FB called “Let’s Payathon,” all about using Python for production-driven workflows in Maya. The latest in the series offers some insights into creating a python script that will clean up your Maya scene and automatically group things in the outliner.

Strings and If Statements.

The tutorial shows how you can write your script based on the strings you will need to classify for object names. 

“Do you have a million objects in your outliner? Are they all over the place?” The idea is not to spend a lot of time to group everything by hand but to work smarter by letting Python do it for you. 

Decogged has something new every week that builds on the previous episodes. “Before you realize it, you will be awesome at Python, but most importantly, you can apply it,” Dao says.