Facial Rigging With a Data-Centric Workflow

Miquel Campos shares a free workshop showing off his data-centric workflow for rigging.

Character TD Miquel Campos, one of the driving forces behind mGear, an open-source rigging and animation tools framework for Maya, posts a look into what he calls a data-centric workflow for rigging.

Data-Centric Rigging.

The premise is how to approach the challenges of creating and maintaining large amounts of rig assets. Data-Centric rigging has many advantages over the asset-centric approach. The data-driven approach is a process of translating a data structure or object state into a format that you can store through serialization and building.

The method allows for shared data between assets, productions, and targets like game engines and offline renderers. The workflow offers high reusability, easier maintenance of assets, and a way to standardize the production assets.

The workshop is free, but Campos sells the complementary data on gumroad, too.