Wander is the Ultimate Asset Search for After Effects

Mt. Mograph’s new Wander plugin finds and collects media effortlessly.

You could spend a lot of time finding media and assets to work with tour After Effects project while in After Effects. The internet is an excellent resource for finding stand-ins, icons, images, etc. but moving to a browser breaks your workflow a bit (not to mention your ad preferences). A new Ae and Premiere tool from Mt. Mograph will let you do a direct search for media and assets right from within After Effects.

Meet Wander.

Wander is listed as “the ultimate media search and asset collection plugin.” You can think of the Ae plugin as a “search engine” to make finding and stuff super-easy.

Wander lets you instantly search through libraries of Images, Gifs, Emojis, and SVGs with lightning-quick results pulled from the net.

“Gain the superhuman ability to filter incredible libraries like Giphy, Wikipedia, and Unsplash with a straightforward and stunningly simple-to-use UI.”

Wander Features:

  • A Customizable & Compact UI
  • An Intuitive “synchronized” search engine
  • More than 62+ million media files
  • Lets you Instantly Download, Sort, and Add media to your project
  • Search for GIFs, Memes, Emojis, and social media, and more!

Get Wander for Ae and Premiere Pro.

The plugin works with both After Effects and Premiere Pro CC2018-CC2020. A purchase results in a lifetime license and access to all future updates. Visit the page for Wander to learn more and get a copy.