How to Constrain Many Objects Using Python in Maya

Decogged shows how you can use Python to constrain lots of objects to one.

In the latest addition to Decogged’s “Let’s Payathon” series, Billy Dao shows another production example where Python scripting can help. The example shows how you can constrain many objects to one. That’s a workflow that can come up often while working. It’s also something that can take some time to do manually. “It’s the perfect opportunity to let Python do the work for you.”

More Advance Constraints.

The second part shows a more advanced constraint function by showing us how to write a function to check for locked channels, bridging some of the previously covered concepts and topics, such as using modules, PyCharm, and referring to the documentation.

The tutorial comes as part of the series called “Let’s Payathon,” all about using Python for production-driven workflows in Maya. Dao’s previous tutorial showed how you could manipulate animation keyframes in Maya’s Graph Editor using Python.