GravitEase For Maya is Not Just Another Tweening Tool

Brian Horgan’s new GarvitEase lets you control spacing and easing using the law of falling bodies.

Admittedly, there are many tools out there that allow you to control easing in Maya’s Graph Editor more quickly. We can add a new one to that list, but this one is a little more than an easing or splining tool.

Spacing and More.

Brian Horgan’s GravitEase lets you control both spacing and easing in the Maya Graph Editor more interactively. GravitEase uses the “odd rule”, otherwise known as the law of falling bodies, as Galileo discovered.

Get GravitEase.

Horgan’s new tool can save animators hours of work in the Graph Editor. Check out the video showing how it works, and visit the page for more information.

More Tools from Brian Horgan.

Horgan creates a lot of useful tools for animators, including things like Speedlines and AimTools.