How to Add Realistic Breaking Glass to a Shot

Clayton Walker shows how to composite Action VFX’s realistic breaking glass FX.

This new After Effects tutorial from the folks at Action VFX shows how you can create a shot that has realistic breaking glass. The tutorial covers shot setup and compositing tricks working with Action VFX’s Breaking Glass assets.

Action VFX Product Designer Clayton Walker shows how to composite Breaking Glass VFX stock footage to a car that is the only protection from an entourage of bullets.

Breaking Glass FX.

The Breaking Glass collection has 26 shattered glass panels and bullet hits made from breaking real-life glass. Each asset comes in 2 different angles at varying distances.

The series comes in 2 or 4K, 12-bit ProRes 4444, and shot at 96fps. All files include a pre-keyed Alpha Channel. Visit Action VFX to learn more.