How to Use an X-Particles Simulation to Drive Vertex Maps in C4D

Nidia Dias shows how Redshift and X-Particles work together to create abstract forms.

You can’t tell by just looking at it, but Nidia Dias’ echoic X project used some fascinating techniques with X-Particles and Redshift. Check out this short breakdown that shows how you can use a fluid or smoke simulation to draw an animated vertex map in Cinema 4D.

The simulation comes from X-Particles Explosia FX and uses xpVertexMap to create and write out the vertex map image. Dias then uses that image to drive a displacement along with some other parameters with Redshift.


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About Nidia Dias.

Nidia Dias, a passionate freelance Art Director and Designer with several years of experience focused on style frames and art direction for motion graphics. Currently living in Porto, Portugal, Nidia Dias works remotely with several different studios around the world.