Everything You Need to Know About Retopology in Blender

Jamie Dunbar covers some ways for retopology in Blender.

Sculpting is only part of the equation in production; the other is retopology. But retopology can be a difficult task. Blender’s tools aren’t the most intuitive for most.

In this three-part series from Dragonboots Studios’ Jamie Dunbar, he has a look at some of the best retopo tools currently available, including Blender’s inbuilt tools, the free Speed Retopo addon, and the paid Retopoflow addon.

There are free downloads of both the Spyro and Gremlin models featured in the videos so that you can practice your retopo as a bonus. (Use the code “free” at checkout to download the file free of charge)

About Jamie Dunbar.

Jamie Dunbar has been running Dragonboots Studios, an animation studio based in Brisbane, Australia, for the past ten years. He has a wealth of experience with character design and has created animated cartoon characters for the Myer’s Christmas display and the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Jamie helps run monthly meetup events for the Digital Labourer’s Federation, an Australian animation and VFX group with over 3,000 members in his spare time.