How to Voxelize Objects With Geometry Nodes

Jimmy Gunawan shows how to voxelize objects in Blender with Geometry Nodes.

Sure, there are a lot of ways that you can create voxel-based objects in 3D, and indeed some super-easy ones in Blender. With geometry nodes becoming more predominant, Blender Sushi Jimmy Gunawan shows how you can use them to create voxelized objects through a procedural node setup.

Gunawan discusses the Vector Snap function of Geometry Nodes to organized points position into the grid.

“Currently, Geometry Nodes does not have a way to distribute points inside volume yet, so I am using SVerchok nodes’ help.” Gunawan says.

Once you scatter points inside the volume of 3D objects, you simply SNAP it into the grid using Geometry Nodes Vector Snap. You can then remove points from the same space use the Weld Modifier, and then instance, some boxes or other objects with another Geometry Nodes. 

Gunawan admits faster ways are using other tools in conjunction with Blender.

“There are already many ways you can “voxelize” 3D mesh objects into LEGO or Minecraft; However, I think the fastest and most efficient is to use point cloud and Magica Voxel processing. It’s quick, and you could use Blender as jumping blocks.”