Working With the New Denoiser in Maxwell Render

Artem Paramonov covers standard denoiser settings when using SSS in Maxwell Render.

Nearly all render engines incorporate some sort of denoiser, and most recently, Maxwell Render got a new one. Maxwell 5.2 sports a new denoiser, a revamp from previous versions.

A new tutorial from Artem Paramonov covers working with the new denoiser in Maxwell and offers some tips for getting excellent clean results with tricky materials like SSS and glass.

The tutorial walks through some settings and compares denoised results, what influences what, and why. The tutorial also looks at Subsurface Scattering and frosted glass, and materials with high-frequency texture details (which are not easy to maintain after denoising).

Paramonov provides a link to an MXI file you can download and play with denoiser settings on the already rendered image (as in video).